Feind Gottes

Feind Gottes [Fee-nd Gotz] is a horror writing, metal loving award winning horror author.


Currently Feind has stories published in six anthologies with several more awaiting release. In 2017 Feind placed in the Top Ten in The Next Great Horror Writer Contest sponsored by HorrorAddicts.net then later won the 2017 Vincent Price Scariest Writer Award from Tell-Tale Publishing with his story Vacuity which will be featured in TTP’s 2018 horror anthology scheduled for a Halloween release.


2018 will mark a milestone for Feind with the publication of his first solo published work with the unleashing of his novella, Essence Asunder, by Hellbound Books. Lastly, Feind won the Dark Chapter Press Prize 2016 novel writing contest with the first draft of his first novel, Piece It All Back Together, which is currently being edited for a Fall 2018 release.


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"A brutal assault upon the senses - torture/body horror at its very, very finest!"


One man.

Two fiends.

A cold, dark basement. A table of torture devices.

A garrote chair.


Jacob Falgoust has woken into his own private Hell where Pain and Misery greet him with open arms.


A reason wrapped in riddles of beauty and pain may be his only chance to escape the suffering.


Jacob must find the answer before his very essence is torn asunder.


Release: June 15 2018

Pages: 105

$6.99 Paperback

$2.99 eBook