Hend Salah

Hend Salah is a New York born, horror loving, mental health counseling, loud-mouthed mass of contradictions.


She has a cornucopia of sensibly insensible controversial opinions, and is allergic to romance. She loves putting a dark twist on a good argument. Bad things are funny. Good things are boring.


She sees the world as a dark place, disguised with an artificial candy coating, drugged up with happy pills.


Once upon a Midnight Dreary, she was a journalist. She has written for several news outlets and still runs her own website: Insertprofessionalwebsitetitlehere.com. There, she shares some of her professional work, somewhat twisted thoughts, and dark humor.


Hend is currently a counselor at Franklin Academy, and spends her days working with kids and writing under cover of darkness.        



In the blurred lines between good and evil - who will win?


Jezebel White is a court-appointed psychologist who runs an underground human trafficking empire.

In order to justify her nefarious actions to her conscience, she selects victims based solely upon whom she deems immoral.

Now, she finds herself being framed for a crime she had only intended to commit.


A detective has placed a target on Jezebel's back, and the time to catch her predator is quickly running out


Pages: 264


Release: April 27 2018

$14.99 Paperback

$4.99 eBook