J Steffy

J. Steffy lives a normal family life with normal job and a not so normal cat.


He has done work with the criminally insane, giving him the unique insight reflected in his writing.


He has an extremely short attention span, often causing him to lose interest while trying to read.


This inspired him to write, and to target an audience that craves nonstop action from cover to cover.


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A terrifying insight into the deteriorating mind of a serial killer.


"I took Heather to the bathroom to mask her identity before we departed, and she became hysterical at the sight of her parents - still lying where they dropped. 

It had been over 24 hours since their death, and she was still freaking out about it. 

I couldn't have someone with me who was going to scream at the sight of blood; I understood some training was in order, so I sat her beside her mom and handed her a kitchen knife..."


A stunning first debut novel, your unique opportunity to join the murderous spree of an escalating serial killer, who is hellbent on achieving his sick goal of killing in each and every state of the USA.


Through the killer's increasingly unhinged diary entries, gain an insight into his thoughts, imaginings and internal struggles as he fights against his primal urge to satisfy his growing bloodlust, and to justify his nefarious actions to his rapidly crumbling mind.


A wholly original novel, that will shock, amuse and appall; plus provide you, the reader, with a ringside seat inside the psyche of a brutal killer...


Release: August 17 2018

Pages: TBA

$13.99 Paperback

$4.99 eBook