Luke Walker

Luke Walker has been writing horror, fantasy and dark thrillers for most of his life. The dark fantasy Dead Sun is now available as are the horror Hometown and the short story collection Die Laughing. Upcoming novels include The Unredeemed, Ascent, The Dead Room and The Day Of The New Gods along with the novella The Mirror Of The Nameless. Several of his short stories have been published online and in magazines/books.

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While working on his tales, Luke has worked as a hospital orderly, in a record shop and in a library.

He is forty and lives in England with his wife and two cats.


Bibliography – 

May 2018: Dead Sun (paperback and ebook fantasy)

July 2016: Hometown (paperback and ebook horror)

January 2015: Die Laughing (paperback and ebook short story collection)

October 2016: Creepy Campfire Quarterly 4 contains short story All The Time In The World.

June 2016: 9Tales At The World’s End contains short story Rapture

September 2014: Wicked Words Quarterly 2 contains short story 6/13.

Future work 2018/19: Novels – The Unredeemed. The Dead Room. Ascent. The Day Of The New Gods. Novella: The Mirror Of The Nameless.


Four hundred years ago, Benjamin Harwood butchered whoever he saw fit to kill, knowing that sacrificing his murder victims to a demon would keep him safe from eternal punishment.


But now, their agreement has been torn in half and the demon is coming for Harwood’s soul, coming to set him to burn.


Preparing for war, Harwood gathers the worst of the worst, the monsters and murderers he calls friends.


With this group of damned killers, Harwood must return to the crimes of his past and seek help from his most recent prey: a teenage girl whose family he destroyed, a girl with more reason to loathe him than anyone in his life or death.


Only then he can try for a redemption that may be impossible or face a universe of suffering.


But Harwood doesn’t know there is a hole in the floor of the world. And something much worse than the dead is down there...


Release: July 13 2018


Pages: 380

$14.99 Paperback

$4.99 eBook


Inc. Shipping (UK & US)