James Watts

James Watts was born in Birmingham, Alabama in March of 1976. Growing up in the small town of West Jefferson, Alabama, Watts spent his days lost in his vivid imagination.


At age 10, he discovered the Hardy Boys mystery series and fell in love with reading. By Age 12 the discovery of Stephen King's The Stand gave life to his need to write, to tell stories that he hoped the world would love.


It would take twenty years of rejections and working low paying jobs, and going through two divorces, before he would see the publication of his horror novel Them.


James Watts currently resides in West Jefferson, Alabama and has one 19 year old son, Bailey Watts.





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Them, is a horror narrative set in the fictional Alabama town of Maple Grove. Ray Sanders returns home from Florida to bury his mother after receiving a call from his Uncle James Sanders of his mother’s death. Upon returning home, the supernatural evidence behind his mother’s demise begins to surface in the form of dreams and various other happenings.  


During all of the madness, which threatens to overwhelm him, Ray Sanders must answer the question of “what would it take?”, a question aimed at pushing him to figure out what actions and decisions would force him to be the man he needed to be.  At the same time, he has to face his destiny and vanquish the generations old evil that has plagued his family since the 1800’s. 


In 1854, Louis Sanders, with the help of Elias Atkins, dug a well to provide water to the Sanders family farm. What they did not anticipate was the water to be infested with Odomulites or as they were known in the days of old, Antiquus percatus, roughly translated: ancient sins. The Odomulites were trapped in our world on their way to the spirit world and once free from their earthly bonds, formed a pact of protection with both Sanders and Atkins.


The two families would serve as guardians of the Odomulite nests, protecting both the eggs and the cocoons housing the mature Odomulites in their larval stage as they evolved. In return, a blind eye would be cast when the Odomulites took host bodies to feed on until the time came to lay their clutch of eggs. The downside was human hosts, human will power, which allowed the Odumulites to inhabit only freshly deceased human bodies. Animals, however, did not need to be dead, but they limited the Odomulites in what they could control the host body to do.


It was this pact, which in 2016 would propel Ray Sanders and Julie Fontaine, a young woman with a special connection to the Spirit World, into the heart of the last active nest to rid the town of its Odomulite population.


Release: Winter 2017

Pages: TBA

$15.99 Paperback

$4.99 eBook



The Big Book of Bootleg Horror 4


Welcome to Volume Four of our best-selling horror anthology, featuring tales of terror and dark, slithering things to chill the marrow and keep even the most resolute of horror fans awake in the small hours of the night when the inherently evil and deliciously malevolent come out to explore our earthly realm.



Erin Lee, Thomas Gunther, Sheah Herlihy-Abba, Richard Raven, Josh Darling, JJ Smith, Shawn Chang, Patrick winters, Bill Evans, J. Snow, Tim J. Finn, James Watts, David Clark, Danae Wulfe, Kane Gordon, Shane Porteous, and the ever-present Feind Gottes.


Another superlative gathering of the dark and disturbing from some of the best independent authors writing today...


Pages: 370 


Release: April 20 2018 - PREORDER YOUR COPY NOW!

$15.99 Paperback

$4.99 eBook