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black city: tales from the edge of the abyss

Jane Grey

occult fiction short story collection


Black City: Tales From the Edge of the Abyss is an occult fiction anthology from elusive American author and artist Jane Grey.

Written from beyond the shattered lens of reality, the eternal Abyss reaches Its invisible and alien influence into a bizarre mosaic of intersecting victims and willing participants.

Twisting the short tales together alongside esoteric ink illustrations by the author, the anthology focuses on the darkest side of spirituality, the occult, and the demonic.

Warping sensibilities by using ancient barbarous names and incantations, the collection itself is an occult working wrapped in the cloak of fictional horror.

Enter the Black City.

Release: July 13 2018

Pages: 250

$13.99 Paperback

$3.99 eBook

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