Dark Wonderland

Gerard Houarner

A veritable cornucopia of highly original, mind-bending, soul-clutching terror!

Change your shades. Get a new prescription for those glasses. Take a fresh look at the world, the real world of wonders and darkness that is the heart beat of reality, the truth behind the shadow theater of human existence. Listen for the whispers, pay attention to the voices speaking like static beneath fear's desperation.
Feel what's coming. Embrace it. You might…
…find what makes a dead man, and a live one, crawl.
…walk the unnameable path, serving masters who are teeth and hunger.
…search for another question to replace the one you cannot answer - are you insane?
…discover gods in mirrors, and in yourself.
…reach for the glory of youth on a road to nowhere.
… hear the Whistle Men coming for you.
…find life again among ghosts from the past.
…help three strangers make things right.
…pay a price in your heart for falling in love with a woman chased by a monster.
Or, go ahead, ignore the wonder, run from the darkness. They'll catch up to you, sooner or later. The Dark Wonderland always does…

Release: November 30th 2018

Pages: 445

$15.99 Paperback

$4.99 eBook

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