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hell's beginning

John T. M. Herres

spine-chilling abduction horror at its very finest!

When a stranger arrives in Charity Falls, Utah, he has one intent: get a drink and some rest before hitting the road again. An altercation with a lush brings back dark memories, and the woman's final taunt tips him over the edge. He abducts and drags her off to an abandoned farm.

There, he introduces her to pain and suffering, on a journey into her darkest nightmares, and his bloodthirsty fantasy. However, the farm isn't as secluded as he had hoped, and he is forced to deal with several others who have wandered too close to his lair.

When just two innocents remain, only a battle of survival will decide who will walk away.But, the killer strikes again, and only one who has been close to the horrors will know what must be done.Someone must put an end to the reign of terror that has begun

Release: October 26th 2018

Pages: 214

$12.99 Paperback

$3.99 eBook

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