I'll Come Back to Get You

Jeff C. Stevenson

the gripping psychological thriller from the author of The Children of Hydesville

In the midst of a Manhattan heat wave, Adel Daniels’ husband doesn’t return home from work. A few days later, she receives a Polaroid of him; on the bottom of the photograph are the words I’ll Come Back to Get You, on the back is written their six-year-old son’s name - is he the ransom, or the kidnapper’s next target?

Assistant Chief Detective Steve Willards heads up the task force assigned to the case, along with FBI Profiler Gail Skillman. They quickly learn that every person involved has a secret, and the truth is only as reliable as memory. 

A week later, Penny Spencer’s husband Graham, doesn’t return from work and she receives a Polaroid of her husband - on the bottom of the photo is written, One, Two, Don’t Be Blue, I’ll Come Back to Get You; their son’s name is written on the back. 

Before Willards and Skillman can unravel the motivation of the twisted kidnapper, one person is murdered, a third adult is taken, and one of the children is abducted.

But, it isn’t until an assault is made on the FBI profiler that the final pieces fall into place; but even then it may be too late for those who have read the words - I’ll Come Back to Get You.

Release: November 30th 2018

Pages: 298

$14.99 Paperback

$4.99 eBook

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