James H Longmore

James hails originally from Yorkshire, England having relocated with his family to Houston, Texas in 2010. He has an honors degree in Zoology and a background in sales, marketing and business. James is an Affiliate Member of the Horror Writers Association.

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Xtina Marie

The Accidental Poet:

Xtina Marie is an avid horror and fiction genre reader, who became a blogger; who became a published poet; who became an editor; who now is a podcaster and an aspiring novelist—and why not?

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David Owain Hughes

David Owain Hughes is a horror freak! He grew up on ninja, pirate and
horror movies from the age of five, which helped rapidly install in him a
vivid imagination.

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Carlos Colon

Born in Spanish Harlem and raised by Puerto Rican parents in the South Bronx, Carlos Colón was a storyteller from the start.

He began in his pre-teens by writing comic strips for his parents and continued throughout school writing dramatic short stories in his English classes.

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Stephen Helmes

Originally from Ringgold, Georgia, Stephen was a beach bum living more than 350 miles from the nearest ocean until December 2014 when he finally went to Palmetto, Florida, and didn’t go back home.

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Jennifer Lynne

Jennifer Lynne is a lifelong advocator of all things hedonistic, and a writer who loves what she does - writing exactly the type of steamy erotica stories that get her personally hot under the collar.

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Pamela Morris

Raised in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York, but forever longing for the white sands of New Mexico, Pamela has always loved mysteries and the macabre. Combining the two in her own writing, along with her love for historical research and genealogy, came naturally.

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Aurelio Rico Lopez III

Aurelio is an avid fan of the macabre. His other works include Valhalla Falling (Great Old Ones Publishing), Food for the Crows (Crowded Quarantine Publications), Night Mare (Great Old Ones Publishing), Zombies Don't Knock (Night Horse Publishing House)...

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Craig Stewart

Craig Stewart is a Canadian author and filmmaker who learned how to count from the rhyme, "One, two, Freddy's coming for you." He's a creator and connoisseur of everything horror; never afraid to delve into the dark, and then a little further.

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Peter Oliver Wonder

Hidden in a remote location in California lives a man that responds to the name Peter Oliver Wonder.

Though little is known about him, several written works that may or may not be fictional have been found featuring a character of the same name.

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Gerri R Gray

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Gerri R. Gray is a cemetery photographer and a lifelong aficionado of horror, dark humor, and high camp. She blames her twisted sense of humor on a wayward adolescence influenced by the likes of Monty Python, Charles Addams, Frank Zappa, and John Waters.

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Donna Maria McCarthy

onna Maria was brought up in the idyllic surroundings of rural Oxfordshire, where adventures were spent, on hazy summer days that seemed to last for an eternity.
Always a great reader, Alice in Wonderland was her bible, and her copy was always neatly stashed away in her bag, wherever the promise of magic and discovery sent her.

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James Watts

James Watts was born in Birmingham, Alabama in March of 1976. Growing up in the small town of West Jefferson, Alabama, Watts spent his days lost in his vivid imagination.

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Isobel Blackthorn

Isobel Blackthorn is a prolific Australian novelist. She writes dark fiction, thrillers and contemporary/literary.  On the dark side are her psychological thriller, The Cabin Sessions (2017), a short story, 'Ignominy' appearing in Shopping List 2 (2017) and a dark comedy thriller, The Legacy of Old Gran Parks (2018). 

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Gochni Schindler

Life is an alluring mask, a mask of fascination. It’s not about me, it’s about the stories. The message! Having many masks. Each of my tales being a mask unto my own persona, unto thine own flesh.

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Christina Bergling

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Jacob Floyd

Jacob Floyd was born in Louisville, Kentucky and has spent most of his life in the small town of Hillview, just south of there. He and his wife, Jenny, are ghost hunters who own and operate two local ghost walks (Jacob Floyd's Shepherdsville History and Haunts Tour and Jacob Floyd's NuLu History and Haunts Tour), both of which you can follow on Facebook. 

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J.P. Willie

J.P. Willie was born in Covington, Louisiana to parents Gayla and Joseph Willie on October 30th, 1981. He graduated from Tara High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and joined the United States Army on October 20, 2000. 

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Sadie Whitecoat

Piper Joelle Albus was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. In the early years others observed her eccentric style and shy personality. In high school she excelled in art and was chosen to be enrolled for International Bachelorette program, something she found to be enjoyable until she discontinued school to focus on herself after some unfortunate events took place and very well changed her whole life.

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Lee Todd Lacks

Lee Todd Lacks seeks to blur the distinctions between rants, chants, anecdotes, and anthems. His experience of living with significant vision and hearing deficits often informs his writing and artwork, which have appeared in The Monarch Review, The Quarterday Review, Crack The Spine Anthology, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Bop Dead City, Liquid Imagination, and elsewhere.

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Jeff Parsons

Jeff is a professional engineer enjoying life in sunny California, USA. He has a long history of technical writing, which oddly enough, often reads like pure fiction.

He was inspired to write by two wonderful teachers: William Forstchen and Gary Braver.

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Michelle Mellon

Michelle Mellon discovered her love of writing at the age of nine. She was a published poet starting in high school and into her twenties, when she shifted her focus to short fiction.

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Hend Salah

Hend Salah is a New York born, horror loving, mental health counseling, loud-mouthed mass of contradictions. She has a cornucopia of sensibly insensible controversial opinions, and is allergic to romance. She loves putting a dark twist on a good argument. Bad things are funny. Good things are boring.

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Eddie Generous

Eddie Generous is the creator, editor, designer, artist, feature writer, interviewer, and PR department of Unnerving and Unnerving Magazine.

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Kevin Holton

evin Holton is a cyborg, editor, novelist, and award-winning screenwriter. When not reading and writing, he can be found gaming or meditating.

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Daniel L Naden

Daniel L. Naden has always been a writer. It's an affliction, a blessing, a curse...a dominant part of his life for as long as he can remember.  He has published work in the areas of politics, humor, philosopy, and of course, fiction.   Dan's stories explore the irony in life, through the lens of horror, suspense, & sci-fi. 

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Renier Palland

Renier Palland hails from Cape Town, South Africa.

He is a published poet, a book & film reviewer, and a Survivor Superfan.

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J. Steffy

J. Steffy lives a normal family life with normal job and a not so normal cat.

He has done work with the criminally insane, giving him the unique insight reflected in his writing.

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Feind Gottes

Feind Gottes [Fee-nd Gotz] is a horror writing, metal loving award winning horror author.

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Anders M Svenning

The eclectic Anders M. Svenning was born in New York. His work has appeared in many magazines.

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Luke Walker

Luke Walker has been writing horror, fantasy and dark thrillers for most of his life. The dark fantasy Dead Sun is now available as are the horror Hometown and the short story collection Die Laughing.

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David F. Gray

David F. Gray is an award winning television producer and director although his first love has always been writing.  He wrote his first short story at age 10 based on the television show Lost In Space and featuring his boyhood crush, Penny Robinson.

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Jeff C. Stevenson

Jeff C. Stevenson is a professional member of Pen America, an active member of the Horror Writers Association, and a finalist for the Best Published Midsouth Science Fiction and Fantasy Darrell Award.

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Adam Burnett

Adam's solitary goal in life is to write books that smell like old books and believes that if there isn’t a noticeable crack in the spine of the book you are currently reading, then you are reading it incorrectly. 

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John T. M. Herres

Influenced by such authors as Robert E. Howard, Stephen King, Dean R. Koontz, and James Patterson, his genre of choice became action/fantasy-adventure.

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Lee Roberts

More than twenty years ago, I started writing stories to capture all of the interesting thoughts and impressions lurking in my imagination...

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Terry Grimwood

Former electrician, college lecturer (I'd rather teach electrical installation than do it anymore), musician (never been booed off stage - so far), actor (ham), Director (drama queen), Terry Grimwood also squeezes in a little writing now and then.

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Vanessa Hawkins

A life-long lover of horror, Vanessa wrote her first story in the genre when she was only in grade five. It was titled Mutilated and it warranted her a trip to the school guidance counselor.

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C. Bailey-Bacchus

C. Bailey-Bacchus is a devotee of dark fiction. Born in the U.K to Vincentian parents, her love of all things horror started with cautionary tales of Caribbean creatures that plagued poorly behaved children.

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Michaela L Cane

Michaela discovered Stephen King and Piers Anthony when she was in fourth grade, and there was really no going back from there. 

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Lesley Sussman

Lesley Sussman is an award-winning journalist and publicist who has worked for such publications as The Pulitzer Newspapers in Chicago, Chicago Tribune, New York Post and Jersey Journal.

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Ty Greenwood

Ty Greenwood is a high school English and Psychology teacher based in Melbourne, Australia. When he is not busy grading papers he is writing and reading.

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Gerard Houarner

Gerard Houarner is the only child of immigrant Breton parents, born and raised in New York City, and a product of its school system. He grew up listening to apocalyptic stories at family parties about World War II and the Nazi occupation of France while watching Chiller Theater, Jonny Quest, Astro Boy, and other cultural ephemera.

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