Dark Erotica

The Pleasure Hunt

Jacob Floyd

After meeting the mysterious Dark Dance on the casual encounters website, The Pleasure Hunters Club, Sexy Cupid finds himself enchanted by an enigmatic seductress – Dark Dance.

After experiencing bizarre, nightmarish visions during their first physical liaison, Cupid awakes on a bench somewhere in Louisville, unable to get the mystifying creature off his mind. As he begins to search both online and through the seedy streets of the city for her, he uncovers harrowing truths about the object of his obsession, truths which fill him with both indomitable dread and inexplicable love for her.

By the time Cupid begins to understand the terror he faces, the shackles on his soul are already too tight as the ancient monster has her talons dug well into his flesh.
Every time he is swept away to her world of Theia - the Moon Realm - she extracts and devours yet another piece of his very essence, and despite the merciless torment of his encounters with his obsession - and the warnings of, a menacing stranger - he presses on to find her, dragging himself deeper into her darkened realm.


Cupid soon finds that he may have but one opportunity to escape the demonic Dark Dance, but the bewitchment she has cast upon his heart may deter him from making a stand; with his soul about to slip down the gullet of the beast, Cupid has to make a decision before he is forever wrapped in the wicked thaumaturge's wings of eternal damnation.


Release: December 1 2017

Pages: 350

$14.99 Paperback

$4.99 eBook













The Waning

Christina Bergling


Beatrix woke up in a small metal cage, Lost in the darkness, a persistent dripping sound her only company.

She was celebrating a promotion that was the culmination of her entire ruthless, driven career; a promotion that would cement her status enough for her to take her relationship with her girlfriend out of the lesbian closet; Beatrix had finally made it.

And then she was here, disoriented and petrified in a blackness she could not define. Yet the reality of her Master may be even more terrifying than the crushing darkness and enveloping isolation. He appears as an ominous shadow in the doorway of her cell, never speaking. Instead, he teaches Beatrix the language of pain and torture, of submission and obedience, of domination and possession

With each passing day, the fight and hope in Beatrix begins to shrivel and wane. With each savage beating, her survivalist instincts rise up to overwhelm the person she was. With each dehumanizing condition, she begins to forget who she was and the life from which she was ripped.


Can Beatrix ward off the psychological breakdown of her Master? Can she resist the temptation to survive and thrive through submission? Either Beatrix will succeed at surviving and escaping the torments of her Master or her Master will succeed at breaking her completely and reforming her into his design for a human possession…


Release: December 1 2017

Pages: 180




Drepraved Desires
Volume 1


We all have them, even if we won't admit it. Some are considered normal, and probably healthy. But what about the others?

Those haunting stirrings within that rail against societal norms and the bounds of decency?

Depraved Desires delves into the writhing depths of carnal appetites and sin, peeling back the veneer to reveal tales of wanton lust and supernatural depravity... The terrifying prospect of knife play; a cosmic liaison; a classy party that turned out to be more than a hired call girl ever expected; or when a sinister fantasy becomes reality - all will shock you.

Whether your desires drive you mad or your madness drives your desires, delving within these pages will take you to places where those itches live, the ones that demand to be scratched.


Release: April 2017

Pages: 348

Paperback: $14.99

eBook: $4.99











Depraved Desires 2


A dark and wonderfully stimulating collection of the disturbingly erotic from the very best authors in the business - all lovingly selected by the internationally renowned authoress Bonnie Capps.


Sixteen mouthwateringly delectable tales from: Duana Monroe, Jacob Mielke, Matt Payne, Ken Goldman, M.J. Sutton, D. Norfolk, Mawr Gorshin, J. Stanley, Tim J. Finn, Shane Porteous, J.L. Boekestein, Becky & Lee Narron, Marela Aryan Ballot, Becky Narron & J.L. Boekestein and Jennifer Lynne


Release: August 4 2017

Pages: 274

Paperback: $14.99

eBook: $4.99


Surrogate for a Werewolf

Jennifer Lynne


A highly-charged erotic romance horror novel from the mistress of erotica...


Alyssa, 22 years old and still a virgin, replies to an ad' looking for a surrogate for the older, rich and powerful billionaire businessman, Brett Wolfram.
She is whisked away to his mysterious mansion in a far off land to be prepared for natural impregnation. There, Alyssa is indoctrinated into the seductive world of the werewolf, and becomes caught up in a centuries-old blood feud between Wolfram and his younger, incredibly handsome brother, Sal..

Alyssa is kidnapped and taken into the forest where she embraces her new status as a she-wolf, and finds herself falling in love - and lust - with the impossibly rugged, brooding Sal.

Brett Wolfram begins his quest to find Alyssa and return her to his mansion, his senses telling him that she is pregnant - but not if it is he, or his brother who is the father. Meanwhile, close behind him, those plotting his downfall begin their own hunt - their aim is to kill Wolfram and the heir to his empire...Alyssa's werewolf child.

A powerful, incredibly sensual story of sex, love and lycanthropes


Release: March 2017

Pages: 194

$9.99 Paperback

$4.49 eBook


Trixie and June

Lee Todd Lacks


Accompanied by sumptuous colour illustrations, this large book format of the eclectic, darkly humorous Trixie and June is the second release by the acclaimed mixed-media artist, Lee Todd Lacks.


Embellished by poetry and short fiction, this fully-illustrated stage play focuses upon two adult sisters living in Bangor, Maine during the early 1960's.


The deliciously written selections within form a most enjoyable linear narrative that depict the sisters' struggle to acknowledge their mutually-compatible interest in corporal punishment as a consequence of their respective belief systems.

Release: February 2018

Pages: 115


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