Insights into Evil Insides

Sadie Whitecoat


If easily offended or of a sensitive nature, please do not purchase.


Dark, disturbing poetry, definitely not for the faint of heart - a singularly unique delve into the core of a troubled soul...

In what is a slow descent into something much different than before, Insights to Evil Insides tells a story of how the sinister creeps and lurks behind closed doors..


It takes over more than you know, and it's more than you can control....


Obsession and control are large themes as well, Torment that is both physical and psychological. A blood Obsession is prominent. My Evil sides are predominant.


You won't understand the depth until you read and experience it.






Release: February 14th 2018

Pages: 304

$14.99 Paperback

$3.99 eBook