Parting Shot

Daniel L Naden


"A brutally smart gorefest, and uproariously funny to boot!"
James H Longmore


Brian has survived for ten years beyond the end of the world, but he's not sure why. He's not even sure if he cares anymore.


When the dead began strolling around and eating people, society was certain to collapse. Brian never realized how lonely a guy could be in a world with six billion hungry zombies hanging around. Or how empty a life of just surviving could be.


Meeting survivors in Brian's world is dangerous. Living with survivors is almost suicidal. Zombies like large groups of people: the more, the merrier. Caring about people in Brian's world is insane. How often can someone lose every person they've ever known or loved before they just quit trying?


When he hooks up with a new group of survivors, they all find a way to...well...survive together. After so many years, surviving is easy part. The real challenge: can they find a reason to live? To love? Can they find a reason to hope? Can they remember how to laugh when so much of the world is dark and despairing?




Release: May 25 2018

Pages: 104

$6.99 Paperback

$2.99 eBook