Shopping List 3

Horror Anthology

spine-tingling creature horror at its creepiest!

By popular demand, the third volume in our bestselling anthology series, twenty-one spine-chilling, terrifyingly creepy tales of terror by a bunch of the best independent horror authors writing today!

Featuring horror stories – and shopping lists – from: Richard Raven, Dhinoj Dings, Jeremy Thompson, Jeremy Wagner, Nick Manzolillo, Steve Stark, Jeff C. Stevenson, Kevin McHugh, James Watts, Don Jones, Nick Swain, Mark Thomas, Brian McGowan, Jason Gelehrt, Mark Deloy, Richard Barber, Sergio Palumbo, Megan E. Morales, Angela Thornton, JN Cameron, and David Simon

Release: November 30th 2018

Pages: TBA

$15.99 Paperback

$4.99 eBook

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