take me

Lee Roberts

An intense, steamy thriller set in the brutal world of human trafficking

Adriana Santos, a fearless, idealistic young police officer on beach patrol, interrupts the sale of a young Mexican girl into slavery.

Adriana goes undercover to break up the human trafficking ring, a mission complicated by a the vicious serial killer 'Juan the Ripper'" who stalks the streets of central Texas and brutally murders young Mexican prostitutes.

In Corpus Christi, Adriana is kidnapped, her partner left for dead. She struggles to establish a relationship her captor, both feeling a strong mutual attraction.

In her quest to help the girls that are held captive, Adriana causes trouble with her captor's ruthless boss, and despite their disagreements, she and her captor must learn to work together to survive.

Release: October 26th 2018

Pages: 282

$13.99 Paperback

$4.99 eBook

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