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The Meddler

Donna Maria McCarthy

a gothic faery tale for grown-ups

'Meet The Meddler, in this exquisite, timeless faery tale for grown-ups...'

Hare's Folly - a town with many deep dark secrets and demons the same. 

Beset by murder and horrific ritualistic mutilations - they look to blame any but themselves and harbour the most evil of entities, nurturing this satanic brood. 

The Meddler is a creature that sees all - both good and evil, residing in the subconscious of even the most brutal and sadistic of souls. 

No thought escapes him and neither will evolution as fatefully he begins to lose the ability to foresee.
Hare's Folly will oust its devils but at the ultimate cost. 

Grief will wash clean those that came full of hatred to rid themselves of guilt - whilst those that are beyond anything good will revel in this tragedy and feast on the pain.  

Release: March 2018

Pages: 240
$14.99 Paperback

$4.99 eBook

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