sadie whitecoat

Piper Joelle Albus was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. In the early years others observed her eccentric style and shy personality. In high school she excelled in art and was chosen to be enrolled for International Bachelorette program, something she found to be enjoyable until she discontinued school to focus on herself after some unfortunate events took place and very well changed her whole life.

Known as 'Pipez' by friends and acquaintances, Pipez has renamed herself many times and developed each of her sides just like characters- Each one of them totally obsessed with writing dark poetry.

Known in her published work as Ms. 'Sadie Whitecoat', her first born alias, that the Manson family inspired her to choose, since a young age she deemed herself a 'Manson Girl' and dreamt of their old way of life. So she became Sadie, and it brought some peace inside.

Writing never intrigued her until she was 16, going through the hardest part of her life, suddenly her pen understood her brain better than she did, she could poetically explain what pained her insides. A new kind of understanding was taking place in her mind.

She has a writing style that is dark and gloomy, it's what she's made of and would not change for the world, the darkness is her gift and with each suffering it grows. Each day she is blessed with pain that she turns to poems, passionately. Aggressively.

Pipez subject matter may not be your taste, but I assure if you read it, it will serve to elate and reveal to you the beauty she has found in darkness, blood, and in hate. The struggles she has lived inside usually result in a lost life. Instead of accepting her own timely death, she immortalizes herself through the words she writes. Some find her work graphic, disturbing, and completely one of a kind. Her work just might upset you, if you're used to the bright side.

Open her book, open your mind, and enjoy peering into the mind of someone as deep, dark, and brutal as Pipez. 'Insights to Evil Insides' tells the story of evil and how it can ruin your life. My deepest darkest secrets can soon be yours to keep.


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