Goodbye Stranger

Blake Rudman

An Exceptional, haunting, NOIR serial killer novel

"As with American Psycho, Blake Rudman's Goodbye Stranger has a wealthy, successful man whose wonderful family life masks a much darker side."

"This taut neo noir novel is driven into hell by an utterly unreliable character Jim Thompson would have been proud of.
Preston Harrington, former football star, happily married to his beautiful wife Danielle, two children on the sofa in front of the TV, a six pack in the fridge, is not what everyone thinks he is. Nothing like it in fact. And as his loving wife slowly uncovers, Preston's problems and proclivities go way back, all the way to her husband's childhood.
Danielle discovers the truth about her husband the way one peels back layer after layer of an onion that turns out to be rotten and she soon fears that no one is safe from her husband, not even their children. Goodbye Stranger races toward the inevitable point of no return at top speed, an effective tale of domestic horror well told."
- Tom Vater, author of thriller novels Kolkata Noir, The Devil's Road to Kathmandu, and The Detective Maier Mysteries.
Twitter: @tomvater

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"A creepy, terrifying thriller that might make you wonder about the people you're closest to. Keep the lights on when you're reading Goodbye Stranger." – Samantha Downing, internationally bestselling author of My Lovely Wife


Another gripping noir thriller from the bestselling author of The Gentleman's Choice and Dark Beauty

Danielle Harrington has the life many women envy: She's beautiful, rich, has two wonderful children, and is married to the Preston Harrington - the handsome, charismatic, retired quarterback who won two Super Bowls.

Unfortunately, something is very wrong with Preston. Having suffered more than his fair share of injuries and concussions, he becomes quiet, withdrawn, and distant.

As Preston spends more time away from his family, Danielle begins suspect an affair without realizing her husband is involved in something much, much worse…

Following a series of tragic incidents and the return of an old nemesis from the past, things begin to spiral out of control for Danielle as Preston's dark side puts her and their children in terrible danger.

Release: July 2023

Paperback, Hardcover & Kindle

Audiobook: Audible, Amazon, iTunes
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