The New Panic Room Radio Show Podcast

"It's the show other shows want to be, and the show authors want to be on."

This trailblazing audio blog show makes quite the refreshing change from your average horror podcasts! There really is no other podcast radio show like it!

Blazing trails since 2016!!!!!!

I've literally never had as much fun being interviewed or being on a podcast ever. And I've been on a bunch over the years. You guys really made me feel comfortable and at ease. I think it was your sense of humor. You guys were funny, which really got me into it. - Andy Rausch, author of Riding Shotgun and Other American Cruelties.

"There is great fun to be had on the Panic Room. It is quirky, irreverent, and the questions on books and writing are really incisive and insightful. There are questions in depth and room to explore ideas in order to connect to and with the audience. And all the time there are jokes, fun interactions and mad ideas. Not to be missed for any writer." - Brian Stoddart, author of A Straits Settlement, after his segment on The Panic Room Radio Show.