Southern House

Mark Deloy

Hellbound Books Publishing

there's a whole new reason to be afraid of the dark!

Hellbound Books Publishing

"Move over Slenderman, there's a whole new reason to be afraid of the dark!"

There are some places that lie where the barrier between worlds is thin and growing thinner. These corridors are as old as the Earth itself, hidden in dark and forgotten places, waiting to be found.

There is a being who stalks these places and travels between those worlds. He was given the name Mr. Shift by generations of children and madmen.
Just as Hickory Grimble hits rock bottom, he inherits his grandparents’ farm and believes his luck is changing. He soon finds he inherited more than money and land.

Haunted by his own inner demons, now he has new problems. He begins to see strange creatures on the dark, sprawling acreage, animals that have no business living in middle Tennessee. He also discovers a decrepit, abandoned house in the forest that never seems to be in the same place twice.

Balanced on a razor's edge between, addiction and fate, Hick is now face to face with an ancient evil that has returned once more to claim more of the town's children.

Release: 29 June 2018

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