Adam Burnett

Adam Burnett writes when he can, sleeps when he needs to, and eats only when absolutely necessary.  Every morning he wakes up tired and every night he goes to bed wide awake. 

His solitary goal in life is to write books that smell like old books and believes that if there isn’t a noticeable crack in the spine of the book you are currently reading, then you are reading it incorrectly. 

Although his main passion in life has always been writing, he also enjoys holding a camera and making it go ‘click’, and is the owner and operator of Umbrella Photography (  In addition to writing and photography, he has also whittled away the days as an English teacher, dance instructor, door to door salesman, S & M bartender, fry cook, bouncer, busboy, hardware salesman, cleaner, and sexual ninja.  He promises that only one of those jobs was made up.

He’s had a number of short stories and poems published in various Canadian and American literary journals including Midnight Time, Rhapsodia, Peeks and Valleys, Chrysalis Reader, and Ginosko.  This is his first published novel.

He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and son, and is currently working on a novel dealing with his life-long obsession with the film Jaws.

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