michaela l. cane

Michaela discovered Stephen King and Piers Anthony when she was in fourth grade, and there was really no going back from there. 

She penned her first full-length novel in 7th grade when she fell in love with seaQuest and passed the time between seasons by coming up with her own adventures for the characters; now, she knows to call it fanfiction, but back then it was for her the beginning of a life-long writing passion, and the stories were as real as anything else in the world.  From the beginning, her stories ranged from horror to science fiction and fantasy, and involved danger, passion, and character-driven nightmares.

A constant reader and writer, she grew up in Virginia, spending most of her time in the backstage area of her high school theater or wandering the woods near her home, wondering what it would be like to cast spells or meet a vampire.  Eventually, she moved to South Carolina and her escapades expanded to sipping whiskey and skinny-dipping in dark lakes where she’d still like to believe monsters lurk.

Now, she lives and writes in southwest Florida, where she works as a full-time book editor specializing in horror, dark romance, suspense, fantasy, and anything at all involving the paranormal.  Her own writing always takes dark turns, but tends toward character-driven stories which blur genre lines and ask the questions that she believes we sometimes even hide from ourselves.  Spells in Waiting is her first full-length published novel, and she jokes that she didn’t mean to write it… but, in the end, it demanded to be written, and its sequel is now complete and ‘coming soon’ since the characters in the book aren’t people she’s quite found a way to walk away from just yet.

If you’d like to contact her about her works or get in touch for editing, you can email her at MichaelaLCane@gmail.com or follow her on twitter, where you’ll find her @MichaelaLCane.

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