Vanessa Hawkins

A life-long lover of horror, Vanessa wrote her first story in the genre when she was only in grade five. It was titled Mutilated and it warranted her a trip to the school guidance counselor. A lifetime later, she continues to write about anything gruesome, terrifying, paranormal and erotic, though she has since found herself enthralled in the world of fantasy steampunk. Her first two books Gloryhill and A Sinister Portrait of Cherie Rose exemplify her fascination with the weird. 
Currently she is partying it up in St. George, NB with her husband Brendon and a dog she really wants but hasn’t gotten yet.

"A Happy Ending" published by The Bookends Review
"Gloryhill" Self Published by Friesen Press
"Body or Soul: Musings of a Killer" Published in the "Peripheral Portraits" Anthology through the Busan Writing Group

"A Sinister Portrait of Cherie Rose" Self Published through Createspace
"The Princess" Published in the "Graveyard Girls" Anthology through HellBound Books Publishing
To be Released this fall: "The Curious Case of Simon Todd" Published through Books We Love Publishing


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