John T. M. Herres

John T. M. Herres was born May 26, 1965, to a military family.
His father served in the Air Force, and the family moved around a great deal during John's younger years – which meant a constant change of circumstances.

John tries to use these experiences to add richness and realism to his writing.

Influenced by such authors as Robert E. Howard, Stephen King, Dean R. Koontz, and James Patterson, his genre of choice became action/fantasy-adventure populated by barbarians inspired by Conan, et al, set in rich, exotic landscapes, though he dabbles in other genres.

John's writing has emerged and matured into works with three-dimensional characters, action sequences that read like a movie scene with great visuals for the reader, and plot lines that pull the reader deep into both the action and the psyche of his heroes.

John has written several poems and is dabbling with a sci-fi story, as well as some short stories in the horror genre.

Having lived in the Great state of Texas a majority of his life, he currently resides in Mississippi. His works-in-progress include "Tales of The Barbarian" and "Challenge of The Velah" which he is hoping to have published at some point.

Recently, a few of his writings have been accepted for publication by J Ellington Ashton and HellBound Books.

He also has self-published a poetry book through Xlibris (warning), available on Amazon and other online retailers. On his Amazon Author page one will find links to several Anthologies that include some of his short stories.


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