jason paul

Jason Paul was born in sunny Southern California, but he has always been drawn to the darkness. A lover of night, he would much rather muse in moonlight than bask in sunlight.

Growing up on Hitchcock, Carpenter, and Craven, he found comfort in the macabre from an early age. Scary movie marathons on Halloween were a fun tradition. The film Psycho stuck with him.

Reading horror and suspense novels gave birth to Jason’s passion: writing. John Saul and Dean Koontz novels were the beginning. He savored all things Saul, kept up on Koontz, and branched out to other dark novelists. The depth of the worlds in those pages felt so vivid and real, as if he’d visited them before. The more he read, the more inspired he became to create. Some encouragement from Mr. Saul helped him begin his first novel.

Meanwhile, social struggles and an unforgiving world led to writing poetry as an emotional outlet. Reading the Gothic creations of Emily Bronte, Edgar Allan Poe, and Charles Baudelaire helped inspire his own poems. They became his means of expression—a cleansing form of self therapy.

Dark literature both speaks to Jason and gives him a voice. In the darkness there is no need to candy coat the harsh, the bitter, the twisted reality that lives and breathes in all walks of life. Psychological thrillers are the ultimate treat. Probing the mind & heart—discovering what drives ordinary humans to commit brutal, savage acts—draws him back to the dark time after time.

Deadly Nightshade is Jason’s debut novel. His next, Screams from the Black Sapphire, is in progress.

His poetry collection, Wounds Beneath the Moon, is seeking a publisher.


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