Andrew KanaGO

Andrew Kanago was born and raised in American midwest. In the fourth grade, Mrs. Arent had to quiet him down because he was laughing out loud while reading Judy Blume. 

In his 20's, Andrew worked as a political aide, small-town journalist, telemarketer, senior customer finance administrator, janitor, and warehouse loader. He finally hit upon the idea of becoming a teacher, both at the high school and college level.

He wanted to be a writer since high school but sadly lacked the discipline for many years. It was only after meeting his wife, Heather, that Andrew began to develop the discipline needed to embark on a writing career.

He spent several years writing a 210,000-word magnus opus that lacked a plot or any recognizable characterization. It was the best writing education he could have received. 
Andrew currently resides in Nebraska with his family.


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