lex h jones

Lex H Jones is a British cross-genre author, horror fan and rock music enthusiast who lives in Sheffield, Northern England.
He has written articles for premier horror websites the ‘Gingernuts of Horror’ and the ‘Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog’ on various subjects covering books, films, videogames and music.
Lex’s first published novel was “Nick and Abe”, a literary fantasy about God and the Devil spending a year on earth as mortal men. Lex also has a growing number of short horror stories published in collections alongside such authors as Graham Masterton, Clive Barker and Adam Neville. He is currently working on both his ‘Harkins’ book series, the first of which ‘The Final Casebook of Mortimer Grimm’ is due for release Winter 2019, and also a trilogy of children’s weird fiction books centred around the reimagining of H.P. Lovecraft’s mythology.
When not working on his own writing Lex also contributes to the proofing and editing process for other authors.

His official Facebook page is:

AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE: mybook.to/lexhjones

Twitter: @LexHJones

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