Bret McCormick

By all accounts, Bret McCormick seems to have been born with a natural fondness for all things strange, sinister and outré’. 

Poe, Lovecraft, Bierce, Bradbury, Bloch and Matheson all found their way into his welcoming library during his pre-teen years. Karloff, Lugosi, Chaney, Lee, Cushing and the films they populated were loving fixations for this horror geek from Fort Worth, Texas. McCormick was experimenting with his own horror tales and films by the time he was a teenager. At age thirteen he began submitting stories for publication and acquired an impressive stack of rejection slips before making his first sale in 1981.

McCormick studied Motion Picture Production at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California.
From 1984 to 1996 Bret McCormick was the most prolific feature film producer/director in Texas. Capitalizing on the emerging home video market, he created a variety of low budget action, horror and science fiction movies for international distribution. McCormick’s ultra-cheapie-gorefest, The Abomination (1986) has a small, but rabid, cult following worldwide and continues to be the subject of articles and interviews in print and online publications. Roger Corman was a major influence on McCormick’s approach to filmmaking. His childhood dream of making films for Corman came true with the production of Rumble in the Streets (1995) and The Protector (1996).

McCormick left the film industry in 1996 and today writes and paints from his home in Bedford, Texas. He is employed part-time by the Bedford Public Library and volunteers weekly at Central Arts of Hurst and True Worth Place.

In 2016, McCormick and E. R. Bills began editing a recurring anthology of homegrown horror tales known as Road Kill. The series features terrifying stories penned by the best horror writers the Lone Star State has to offer. The latest installment of the series, Road Kill Vol. 4 will be available from HellBound Books in October 2019.

In 2018, HellBound Books published an anthology of horror inspired by 1980s schlock cinema, compiled by Bret McCormick, Schlock! Horror! This weighty tome featured the fiction of some of the hottest up-and-coming talent in the genre from all over the world.

HellBound Books released a bathroom reader of short horror edited by McCormick in 2019 – The Toilet Zone. These 32 tales are certain to chill, terrify and linger hauntingly in the reader’s mind for months to come.

Skin Dreams (Poor White Trash Part 3) is McCormick’s latest novel, in which a young ‘Texas white trash gal’, Sadie Richards, runs afoul of a widespread cult of politicians, businessmen and clergy who kidnap, enslave and sacrifice young women and children to dark forces from beyond this dimension. Purchase Skin Dreams from HellBound Books beginning in October 2019.
McCormick’s nonfiction book, Texas Schlock, examines B-Movie Sci-Fi and Horror produced in Texas from the late 1950s up to the present day. The films and careers of such cinematic trailblazers as Larry Buchanan, S.F. Brownrigg, Tom Moore, Edgar G. Ulmer, Robert A. Burns, Glen Coburn and McCormick, himself, are explored from a fun and appreciative perspective.

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