Jeff Oliver

Jeff Oliver was born in Baltimore, Maryland on April 6th, 1982.

Jeff began writing Dark Poetry at just 11 years old. Transferring darkness to paper at such a young age.

There are thoughts about a troubled childhood, thoughts of love and imagination that never elude his pen.

A poet by passion and a father of 8 beautiful children. His dedication to his family and his craft is second to none. Jeff lives in Western New York State. Jeff is a writer of intense emotions.

His published books include Venomous Words Volume One: Macro-Photography by Gordon Reilly (Blurb). Strange Sounds (Self Published). Scattered Thoughts, Volumes I & II, Drops Of Insanity (Cosby Media Productions). New World Monsters was written by Chris McAuley with monstrous illustrations by Dan Verkys. (HellBound Books). 

Works in progress 'Dark Echoes Within Silence'. Illustrated by Dan Verkys with an introduction from Josh Malerman. New World Monsters: The Voices In Your Head and Dracula's Guests written with McAuley and illustrated by Verkys. Venomous Words Volumes 2, 3, and 4 with Macro-Photography by Gordon Reilly. Finally, Infinite Black: Tales From The Abyss. A new world of horror illustrated by Dan Verkys and also Dan's Debut as a writer himself.

Jeff will continue to write from the deepest corners of his soul. Sometimes searching for his soul scares the Hell out of him.

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