Hend Salah

Hend Salah is a New York born, horror loving, mental health counseling, loud-mouthed mass of contradictions.

She has a cornucopia of sensibly insensible controversial opinions, and is allergic to romance. She loves putting a dark twist on a good argument. Bad things are funny. Good things are boring.

She sees the world as a dark place, disguised with an artificial candy coating, drugged up with happy pills.

Once upon a Midnight Dreary, she was a journalist. She has written for several news outlets and still runs her own website: Insertprofessionalwebsitetitlehere.com. There, she shares some of her professional work, somewhat twisted thoughts, and dark humor.

Hend is currently a counselor at Franklin Academy, and spends her days working with kids and writing under cover of darkness.        

AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE: mybook.to/hendsalah

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