Lesley Sussman

Lesley Sussman is an award-winning journalist and publicist who has worked for such publications as The Pulitzer Newspapers in Chicago, Chicago Tribune, New York Post and Jersey Journal.

  He is the author of more than 20 non-fiction books and three novels — all three in the science fiction/horror genres. Sussman lives with his wife, Edita, in New York City's East Village where he is a frequent contributor to The Villager Newspaper chain.

He currently serves as president of a historic orthodox synagogue located on the Lower East Side where, for many years, he heard stories from elderly congregants about vampires and other supernatural creatures in their small villages in Eastern Europe.

His interest in the supernatural stems back to his childhood days when his immigrant grandfather from a small town in Hungary would mesmerize him with eyewitness accounts of ghostly haunting.    

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