Xtina Marie

The Accidental Poet:

Xtina Marie is an avid horror and fiction genre reader, who became a blogger; who became a published poet; who became an editor; who now is a podcaster and an aspiring novelist—and why not?

People love her words. Her first book of poetry: Dark Musings has received outstanding reviews. It is likely she was born to this calling. Writing elaborate twisted tales, to entertain her classmates in middle school, would later lead Xtina to use her poetry writing as a private emotional outlet in adult life—words she was hesitant to share publicly—but the more she shared; the more accolades her writing received.

Her first novel: Desiree is well under way.

Anthologies :

He Doesn't Know (Busted Lip, Jaded Books Publishing, April 2016)

Desire, Paranoid (Monsters Of Metal, Jaded Books Publishing, July 2016)

Gore Fest (The Intermission (The Gore Carnival Book 2), Jaded Books
Publishing, July 2016)

When I Whispered Goodbye, I'll Reign, A Most Horrible Pain (A Lovely
Darkness, Poetry With Heart, Jaded Books Publishing, September 2016)

When The Veil Doth Lift (Black Candy, Jaded Books Publishing, October 2016)

Check out Xtina's website here: The World of Xtina Marie

AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE: author.to/xtinamarie

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