The Children of Hydesville

Jeff C. Stevenson

"A contemporary ghost story made all the more terrifying for being based upon actual events."

When the terrifying entity that Maggie and Katie Fox unleashed in Hydesville in 1848 returns in 2018, a gallery owner, his wife, a journalist and her boyfriend join forces to battle it.

Manhattanites Derek David and his wife Edith receive an invitation to visit the Keilgarden Colony. Founded in 1948 with funds from Derek’s great grandfather, the Colony is a secluded community dedicated to nurturing children with psychic abilities. Located five hours north of the city in the village of Hydesville, the compound was built on land that includes the cottage where Maggie and Katie Fox first heard the ghostly rappings in 1848 which started the Spiritualist movement.

But what begins as a late-summer respite swiftly turns into a confusing and terrifying ordeal for the couple and Derek’s brother, Oswald. From the moment they are greeted by the Colony’s beautiful yet mysterious host, Vanya Avery, they begin experiencing bizarre and disturbing events: Memory loss, unsettling visions and dreams, otherworldly manifestations, voices and apparitions that repeatedly beckon them back to the haunted Fox cottage. To end the escalating phenomena, Derek sets fire to the house.

Months later, New York Times reporter Sheila Irving and her boyfriend, Kevin Jackson, visit Hydesville to determine what motivated Derek to burn down the Fox property. Soon, the powerful entity that controls the area—something that can see as well as hear—unleashes its most cunning tactic, a deceptive command once uttered by Maggie Fox to “Do as I do.” If those gathered in the village—Derek and Edith, Sheila and Kevin—succumb to the edict, they will partake in the creation of union children, psychically gifted offspring whose malevolent powers will reach far beyond the confines of the township. Like the Spiritualist movement from which they originated, if allowed to be birthed, the children of Hydesville will eventually impact the entire world.

Reviews for The Children of Hydesville


“Rich in character and solid pacing, Jeff C. Stevenson delivers chills and suspense in his erotically charged supernatural thriller, The Children of Hydesville.”
 —Tony Tremblay, author of The Moore House and The Seeds of Nightmares

“Stevenson brings a modern eye to classic horror in
The Children of Hydesville. My pulse raced and I wanted to hide beneath the covers but wasn’t able to put the book down.”
—John C. Foster, author of Mister White and Dead Men

“Something evil lurks in the village of Hydesville, something far more sinister than the 19-century haunting there which inspired the Spiritualist movement. Master storyteller Jeff C. Stevenson is back with a vengeance. The Children of Hydesville is a frightening read.”
 —Jill Hand, author of the time travel adventures The Blue Horse and Rosina and the Travel Agency

“An unsettling blend of fact and fiction, Hydesville and the Fox family will stay with you long after you close the book.”
—Tom Deady, Bram Stoker Award winning author of Haven and Weekend Getaway

“This book is a special kind of creepy, the kind that crawls into bed with you during your most intimate moments, your most private dreams. I can’t help but feel the influence of The Shining’s woman in room 237 reaching out from the pages.”
—Mark Matthews, author of Milk-Blood and All Smoke Rises

“Jeff C. Stevenson has done something remarkable with this novel. Using an eerie bit of real Americana as his jumping-off point, he spins a dark yarn that immediately plunges away from the factual and into an uncharted territory of inexplicable, terrifying weirdness. Stevenson mixes history and mystery and a lot of twisted imagination to create a horrific and unforgettable experience for the reader. The Children of Hydesville is an intriguing blend of cutting-edge attitude and old-school epic storytelling, and the result is unlike anything you’ve encountered before. The book does what only the best horror fiction can do. It makes you afraid to keep reading but utterly helpless to stop. Consider yourself warned. Once Jeff C. Stevenson sinks his claws in you, he never lets go.”
—Paul F. Olson, 2017 World Fantasy Award Nominee, author of Whispered Echoes and Alexander’s Song

“Jeff C. Stevenson has a limitless imagination and he knows how to use it. The Children of Hydesville is an epic journey into darkness that will have you jumping at every small noise, shrinking from every stray shadow, and ultimately questioning what’s real. It is an unforgettable piece of storytelling.”
—Paul F. Olson, 2017 World Fantasy Award Nominee, author of Whispered Echoes and Alexander’s Song

Release: July 27 2018

Pages: 540

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