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Welcome, valued authors!

"I've been a published author for over 4 decades and have worked with many houses from top-grade to mid-list. However, I'm exceptionally pleased to now have a contract with HellBound for 4 books. James and his staff are simply great people. Always prompt and friendly and open to queries or general questions. The company produces products any author would be proud to own, in various formats from print to audio. also, HellBound provides a terrific opportunity for new authors seeking to become published by a professional, traditional publisher."

- STONE WALLACE, author of Playground of the Dead


HellBound Books Publishing LLC is a new, exciting, independent publisher of horror, bizarro, erotic horror, dark erotica, poetry, and associated anthologies in paperback, eBook and audiobook formats.

We are champions of new and upcoming authors, as well as providing a home to some of the more established writers on the independent scene. Our approach is never anything less that 100% professional, and we place communication with all of our authors as paramount - along with an exemplary service to writers and customers alike.

HellBound Books is an independent publishing house created by reputable, established authors who are not only published writers but posess a wealth of sales, marketing and business experience. Added to this second-to-none melting pot are the very best editors, artists, promoters and street teams - plus myriad radical ideas on how to drive author's precious works ahead in an increasingly difficult and cluttered marketplace.

HBB are very much a traditional publisher (we reiterate: very much NOT a vanity press). We do ask that authors submit good quality manuscripts, as do all publishers, but we also have every one professionally edited and formatted - we have even worked with some HBB authors to completely rewrite their novels when a terrific story requires more than an edit - and, rest assured, we use professional ghostwriters for that.

We also pay for professional artwork and design, a PR company, ISBN numbers and barcodes (we NEVER go for the Amazon free option on paperbacks), Amazon ads, publish our own newsletter and, of course, feature every book on our expensive website (no Wix for HBB!).

We also put every book out in audiobook format - managing the whole process from audition to launch (and include the author in the process, too).

Rather than just sticking your book on Amazon, make your physical book available to bookstores globally via Ingram Spark/Lightning Source (stores tend not to buy from Amazon).

And - we host and run our fantastically entertaining podcast radio show (on the air since 2016 and counting!), which is an excellent marketing tool for our authors!

Of course, you can always self-pub through Amazon, and we would wish you the very best of luck with that. However, publish with HBB and you are alongside Joe R Lansdale, Bentley Little, Richard Chismar, Jack Ketchum, Graham Masterton, Guy N Smith, Ramsey Campbell, Stephen Graham Jones, Dacre Stoker, Lisa Morton and many other wonderful horror writers - our philosophy is that every book is an ad for all the others, and with over 100 titles, that’s one heck of a marketing spread!

If you would like to submit your work, please click here to check out our submissions page.

What You Can Expect as a HellBound Books Author

Paperback books as they are supposed to be!

All of our print books are printed in the good ol' 5" x 8" format, on cream paper - just like a proper paperback should be! We will never (and we mean NEVER!) publish your book in the 'new' (read: 'cheaper') 6 x 9, white paper format that many indie publishers appear to have adopted these days - we think that makes even the best written novels look like school text books! We paperback purists at HBB truly believe that a good paperback should look and feel the part in order to be successful!

A second-to none editing service.

Our editors are professional, fast working and incredibly pedantic! Whilst we expect all submitted manuscripts to be as polished as is humanly possible at the hands of an author, we do understand that writers don't always make the best editors. By the time your book hits the presses, all typos, grammatical and formatting errors will be well and truly ironed out!

No fees - EVER!

As with all good, professional publishers, we do not charge any fees whatsoever for editing, formatting, publishing and marketing of your book. GOLDEN RULE: if a publisher asks you for money - RUN!

30% Royalty

Net** on all paperback and ebook sales, plus 30% on audiobooks (negotiable!) - from Book One Sold (unlike most indie publishers, we do not deduct for 'publisher's costs': we believe those to be part of our ongoing investment in our authors' work.

**Please do note, that this is based upon the royalty paid out to HBB from the various sales channels, not RRP**

Simple, transparent contract

A jargon-free, two year rolling contract which details when royalty payments are due (quarterly), what rights you are granting HBB (excludes movie and TV rights, that would be a separate contract), and precisely where you stand, legally speaking. If you would like to see a copy of the HBB contract in advance, EMAIL US HERE.

Your very own webpage.

Every HellBound Books author (novels, novellas, collections, poetry books) has their own page on the HellBound Books website. We are also more than happy to include links to your Amazon author page, own website, FB page etc., so you can even promote your non-Hellbound Books published works. It's a veritable boon for those who have yet to build their own website! Take a look for yourself at our current authors' pages: CLICK HERE

Active marketing team.

We pride ourselves on our agressive marketing approach to the huge book market. Not only are we active in social media and major sales channels, we approach the big booksellers as well as the smaller, independent establishments. Of course, we expect our authors to take an active part in marketing their works too, our most sucessful authors are those who actively promote alongside HBB, booking signings at their local indie bookstores (as well as Barnes & Noble, etc.), attend cons and book fairs, are active on social media etc. etc.

Popular & acclaimed podcast radio show.

'It's the show other shows want to be, and the show that authors want to be on' - so says the blurb for The New Panic Room Radio Show, and although we invite authors from all publishers and any genre to star on the show, priority always falls to HellBound Books' authors - it's the perfect way to plug your book and introduce yourself to the big, wide, literary world!
Check it out for yourself on Vimeo and YouTube or visit the Panic Room Website here!

Kindle Unlimited

We have found, through experience, that new books by ne, unknown authors are more readily picked up by readers on the KU platform - since the books are considered 'free' (they are not, they are what the KU customer pays a monthly subscription for, but hey, perception is nine tenths of reality!). So, we launch new books on KU, with the option to move them across the other platforms once they are established, and after the 90 day KU period is up.


In addition to providing paperback publishing on demand via Amazon, HellBound Books also publishes its paperback titles via Ingram. This means your book is available to bookstores and libraries across the globe at attractive wholesale pricing that is simply not available through publishers who run with Amazon only.


HellBound Books can be found here, too, a welcome addition to our ever expanding list of sales channels.

Horror Writers Association.

HellBound Books has staff and authors who are Affliate Members of the HWA. The HWA is the perfect body for HBB and our authors to be associated with!

our mission statement

To provide independent authors with the very best service possible.

"HellBound Books will attract and nurture the very best independent writers, guiding them along the path to producing the very best quality, saleable product and launching them on to the published author market with aplomb."

authors' comments

"I just got a copy of Gamble's Run from Amazon.  The quality is amazing!  The size, the feel,the cover, the easy-to-read print, all of it looks and feels duperb.  I especially like the little touches, like enlarging and italicizing the first letter of the first word of each chapter.  Bottom line, it's a gorgeous book done with the highest professional standards.  THANK YOU!" DAVID GRAY


This is exciting. I want to make sure you know how appreciative I am for giving this newbie an opportunity to get out there. I'm inspired by it. J. STEFFY