deadly nightshade

Jason Paul

a terrifying, blood soaked debut novel!

Thirteen years ago: summer's end. A final night of vacation at New Mexico's Gila Cliff Dwellings. A picnic under the moonlight for high school sweethearts meets a deadly end...

Things will never be quite the same again.

After eloping, newlywed Virginia Campbell's bright future grows dim. Eerie night visions begin to haunt her. Are they real or imagined? Her husband's sudden aloofness raises suspicions of an affair. Unable to sleep, doubts torment her—doubts about her marriage, her unborn child, her sanity. Then, there is blood. She awakens to blood-soaked sheets.

Is it too late to save her unborn child? Her only hope is her charming doctor for whom she is falling. Can he save her from this living nightmare?

Ten-year-old Kyle also suffers from insomnia and eerie night visions. Something, or someone, sinister has brought them together... waiting for the moment to strike.

Three years later: Mother's Day.

The nightmare is not over.

A surprise visitor greets Virginia with a gift one morning. What begins as a day of celebration is twisted into a violent, bloody confrontation as festering wounds reopen.

Release: April 26 2019...

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